Heart Health Center

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Exercise and Cardiovascular Health

Learn the importance of exercise for cardiovascular health and how you can fit it into your schedule with these tips from MegaRed.


How to Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Learn about a lifestyle that supports healthy cholesterol level with tips from MegaRed. We have info on how changes in diet and exercise affect healthy cholesterol levels.


5 Foods High in Cholesterol to Avoid

Learn how unhealthy diet, obesity and high cholesterol are a major risk factor for heart disease.

MR Good And Bad Cholesterol

Knowing Your Levels: Good and Bad Cholesterol

Learn the difference between good and bad cholesterol and what is considerate healthy levels of cholesterol.

MR_High cholesterol facts

High Cholesterol Facts

Find out why cholesterol is called the “silent killer” and why is important to check your cholesterol levels with a blood test.

MR_Vegetables that Lower Cholesterol

Vegetables that Lower Cholesterol

Learn how a diet full of healthy vegetables can improve your cholesterol and support your heart health.


Herbs to Lower Cholesterol

Learn more about the herbs and supplements you can use to support healthy cholesterol levels and support your heart health with a list of our favorites.