Heart Health Center

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10 Ways to Support Healthy Blood Pressure

Learn how to support healthy blood pressure with a list of heart healthy practices, and get tips from MegaRed on how to include these habits in your life.


Exercise and Cardiovascular Health

Learn the importance of exercise for cardiovascular health and how you can fit it into your schedule with these tips from MegaRed.


Normal Blood Pressure Guide

Learn what normal blood pressure is with this useful guide to blood pressure. Discover tips and supplements for heart healthy living with MegaRed.

MR Benefits Of Weight Loss

Just One of the Benefits of Weight Loss: Lowering Your Blood Pressure

Learn how lowering your blood pressure is one of the many heart health benefits of weight loss.


How to Take Blood Pressure at Home

Learn how taking your own blood pressure can be part of a heart healthy life.


Salt – A Culprit for High Blood Pressure

Learn how an increased intake of salt can affect our heart and blood pressure.